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About Me

The world of web design has been a large part of my life for the last few years, I studied at Art College for a Diploma in Photographic Art and Design then luckily got a position with the local newspaper but decided to join the Fire Service instead. I spent the next few years risking life and limb but was able to satisfy the more outgoing and adventourous side of my personality.I left the Service to persue the more creative side of me and had the opportunity to express some of my more artistic talents which reside in us all. Photoshop has been the best thing since sliced bread for me, It is such a wonderful piece of software and the things you can do with it, wow! will I ever know everything about photoshop, probably not but the beauty is that you can just delve right in and create something no matter how well you know the programme and as you progress you will soon be creating works of art!

The Web has changed so much since I first started dabbling with dreamweaver2. Everyone is talking about the W3C The Web Standards, Web2 sites, CSS and goodness what else. The main thing that I have done is to use tables for their proper purpose displaying "tabular data" and have started to use CSS for presentation of my web pages. This has opened up a whole new world for me.I decided after countless problems with using dreamweaver (don't get me wrong Dreamweaver is good!) that I was gonna get to grips with html and css so that I would have more control over what I was doing, well I think it paid off, I now code everything myself in notepad, topstyle or textpad editors if I'm feeling lazy. Anyway enough of me, there are many wonderful inspiring sites out there so just to mention a few that have either helped me or inspired me for some reason or another. David Shea's Messoblue site should inspire you he is a freelance designer and has been involve with writing some good books, check him out. also check out the most inspiring site ever for me, The Zen Gardens. This site should give you some great insiration using CSS. If you want to get to grips with html try the Html Dog site.

I have also taken up Watercolors and will be setting up a gallery as soon as i can get round to it!